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Surface Design

Product Design



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Shapes Collection  //  A graphic abstract design in yellow, black and white is applied to cards, notebooks, wrapping paper, present ribbons and tags produced as part of my own handmade paper product range. The designs were inspired by the big LED wall at the Science Museum in London. The dotty designs were created directly from a photograph I took of the light wall, which was manipulated and translated into vector based format and the square designs were initially hand drawn before all of the designs were coloured a manipulated digitally. I particularly love the combination of graphical geometric black and white designs teamed with bold yellow accents.

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'Fantastic quality, beautiful designs, cute packaging, swift service. Love it!' Donna Baber

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Christmas Collection  //  I had a lot of fun creating this collection of bold white line drawings set against flat colours. I wanted to apply an unusual colour palette to the range which went away from your typical Christmas colours and which worked equally well individually as well as alongside each other as a collection. I worked with simple outlines, layered shapes and hand drawn lines and lettering to create a fun and beautiful graphical collection that could be applied to cards and tags.

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Below is a selection of some of the surface design work I have created, some of which has been applied to my handmade cards and paper products range. I love to use bold patterns and colour as accents against beautiful plain surfaces,  simple materials and minimalist spaces.


Most of my work starts life as hand-drawn black pen drawings, which I then scan in, convert to vector based designs and the edit, compose and colour digitally.

With a strong focus on complex colours combined with bold graphics, both hand-drawn and vector based, that are clean, well considered and hold a sense of fun and energy.

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The Makerie  //  Competition submission for screen printed bag designs using 'The Makerie' logo.

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Deco  //  Hand-drawn repeat pattern design and co-ordinating pattern inspired by household objects.

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Meadow  //  Abstract floral design created for POD site products.

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