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'At the heart of Raw Mixture Publishing is a belief that we can get things done. Between us we have a great deal of raw energy and an eclectic and wide ranging mix of talents – hence Raw Mixture. Our philosophy encompasses a determination to do things well, with passion and a commitment to engaging design.' Raw mixture Publishing

Raw Mixture is a creative family run publishing house dedicated to creating inspiring, well written and beautifully illustrated books with integrity.

Raw Mixture Publishing

Logo  //  The idea and imagery behind the name 'Raw Mixture Publishing' included a crucible in the flames; a mixing bowl and spoon and the raw ingredients that make up Raw Mixtures's publications. Being a new independent publishing house, we wanted the logo to be punchy and bold and it was important that there would be options to use it at reduced scale such as on the edge of a book spine. I wanted to incoporate a simple icon into the main text, so that this could be used on its own when required. The name gave me a lot to work with in terms of imagery and feel, so I quite quickly formed an idea in my head as to how I wanted the name to be drawn - it had to be raw, a bit edgy and rough around the edges. I played a lot with hand drawing the name and lettering - the 'Raw Mixture' was sharp and angular as if it could have been carved out of wood and stamped on the page, and 'publishing' took on a softer hand drawn feel to compliment, but not impose on the most important part of the name. When playing with the lettering, I realised that the 'W' and 'M' looked like flames that could be cupping a bowl or crucible (one of the first images behind the name) - this became the icon that could be used for smaller apllications and enabled me to incorporate it into the lettering which wrapped around the bowl. It was important that the icon be very simple and clean so that the logo didn't become too fussy, but it also had to be unique enough so that when read on it's own, people still recognised the brand. I loved the idea of using negative space within the design, so pulled on the idea of a mixing bowl with a cut-out wooden spoon shape.

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Logo Design


Marketing Materials

Website Design/Production

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Colour  //  We decided that the logo should be a single colour, so that it could be changed depending on the colours of the publication it was being used on. We did, however, still want to use colour within the brand rather than just black and white, and we quite quickly decided that red should be the dominat colour. The logo is quite complicated so, we wanted to stick to red on white, or visa versa, and teamed this with grey for the website and other materials so that the red didn't fight with other images or photos on the page.

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You can check out the website design for Raw Mixture Publishing at

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