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Below is a selection of some of the illustration work I have created, most of which forms part of my handmade card and paper range. These were my first illustrated products and commercial venture and can still be bought in my shop as well as a selection of other shops, art galleries and markets I attend. The designs within the range actually formed the starting point and inspiration for both The Squawks and Lilly Mae books.


Most of my illustration work starts life as hand-drawn black pen drawings, which I then scan in, convert to vector based designs and the edit, compose and colour digitally.

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I love to play with colour, bold graphics and minimalist layouts to create beautiful pieces that make people smile.


The Imaginary Babobab Forest  //  A series of illustrations I created for 'The Imaginary Baobab Forest' story written by Andrew Grant for Forest of Imagination 2016. You can read the funny story set in Madagascar and find out more about the incredible Baobab trees on the FOI website.

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Product Design


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Lovebird Collection  //  Originally created for Valentine's Day, this card collection has proven popular year round. The little lovebirds also formed the base for a wedding invitation design I created which you can see HERE. The lovebirds and hearts also form a repeat pattern which can be used for surface design.

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Lovesheep Collection  //  Following on from the success of my cute lovebirds, these little black, white and red lovesheep were created in my parent's kitchen in beautiful Pembrokeshire. The whimsical designs have proved very popular, being one of my most successful card collections to date.

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Tulip Collection  //  Inspired by tulip shapes, I have used one of my favourite colour combinations of yellow and grey to create these abstract flower designs.

'Vibrant colours and great for spring cards' Susan Wilson

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Bird Collection  //  These funny birds were originally drawn for my niece. I'm particularly fond of the yellow 'Elvis' bird - he's got a pretty cool hairdo going on!

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Under Blood Light  //  This was a collaborative project with Steve Thorp. I produced illustrations for 5 pieces of  his writing and a cover piece as part of a submission for 'The Dark Mountains' book. Although our submission was not accepted for this project, these pieces of writing and illustrations led to 'Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy' which was published in 2014.

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Moonlit Mountains  //  I love creating silhouetted landscapes using simple forms and tones and enriching these with finer hand-drawn detail such as the planting in the foreground. I have also used my own photographic textures and overlays to add depth and interest and to enhance the areas of flat colour.

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Childhood  //  An editorial illustration created for Unpsychology Magazine Issue 3 responding to the theme of Childhood and inspired by 'Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape' by Jay Griffiths

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Streetlight  //  Inspired by a magical late night walk home in the snow I wanted to capture the beautiful streetlight, dark moody atmosphere and silhouettes of people huddling under their umbrellas.

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Unsung Heroes  //  An editorial illustration created for Issue 4 of Severine magazine which was chosen to be used as the front cover art. With the theme of 'Heroes' I decided to create this piece inspired by and for the people who are committed to protecting our oceans; preserving our forests; nurturing our lands; cleaning our air and saving our endangered species

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Unpsychology Magazine  //  A series of illustrations created for Issue 3 of Unpsychology Magazine - the Childhood edition. Each illustration has been created to sit alongside different pieces of writing within the magazine which includes poetry, fiction, commentaries and essays all responding to the theme of childhood.

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Stereo City  //  I had a lot of fun producing this illustration as my submission for the 'Sounds of the City' AOI Prize for Illustration 2017. This illustration is a celebration of the diverse spaces within and around our cities: from the vibrant lively buzz of the urban streets and buildings; to the calm retreats of our city parks and rivers; and further afield to the incredible natural landscapes that are often seen, but not heard from the rhythmic beat and pulse of the city centre. Our cities and buildings are an ever changing composition of light and activity, which is reminiscent of the graphic equalizer lights you see on stereos. This has inspired the architecture of my imaginary ‘Stereo City’.

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Winter Trees  //  Illustrations created for a range of christmas cards

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Little Red Boat //  Designed as a greeting card this illustration came from some initial experimentations I produced for a new picture book. I love the pop of red of the boat in the choppy sea against the rich textured blue of the sea and fish.

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Autumn  //  Editorial illustration created for the autumn issue Edition 8 of The Barefoot Diaries.

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Cabin // Created as an art print and greeting card. A warm homely cabin within a wintery forest setting which forms part of a series of black & white prints with pops of yellow inspired by the theme of home.

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Wilderness Series  //  A new illustration series inspired by travel and adventure in the wilderness. I've loved working in black and white with accents of yellow in this series. Available as art prints and cards in my shop.


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