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'We read it cover to cover 4 times in a row without pausing for breath' Ryan Costello of Dad Creek (Review of Lilly Mae) 


'The design is graphic and bold [...] and Thorp has a great eye for strong colour, using her limited palette to great effect.  

Her page design is well thought out, varied and is beautifully striking.'

The Illustrated Forest - The Squawks

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'Again Ruth Thorp has illustrated a perfect and unique little picture book, her design skills simply shine through the pages and the story written by Sarah Mahfoudh is wonderfully unique amongst the current crop of picture books.'

@zooarchaeologis - Lilly Mae

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Book Cover Design


'Ruth Thorp (along with her sister for Lilly Mae) has created a fabulous trio of gorgeous little books that are educational, but fun, feisty and unusual too. They would make great additions to schools and libraries and a fab gift set.'



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Click on the covers below to find out more...

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