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Logo, branding, marketing and website design for independent integral therapist, coach, activist and writer Steve Thorp, founder of 21 soul. The brand had to be strong and bold, portray elements of the 'wild' whilst still appealing to those who want to live more fully in urban settings.

21 soul is for people who want to live with depth, grit, grace and spirit and make a real difference in their work, art and life. Soul Making is about developing your own life and work practices based on imagination, depth, creativity and ecology of mind.

21 soul

The name '21soul' comes from '21st Century Soul'. The logo was formed using the image of a souring peregrine falcon and the shorthand symbol for '21st century' to form the name '21soul'. The brand colours of yellow and grey were chosen to be used across all online and print marketing materials. The logo can be adapted depending on its use by retaining the form of the bird and changing the colour focus, or removing the text.

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Logo Design

Website Design

Graphic Design

Printed Materials

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Printed leaflets designed using the 21soul branding for the first Soul Makers gathering that took place in 2014.

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You can check out the website design for 21soul at

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